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Department Head: Prof. Dr. Klavdija Kutnar

The Department of Mathematics (OM) is one of the world's two main centres for algebraic graph theory. Researchers in the department are strongly involved in the international environment, both through research collaborations with colleagues abroad and through the organisation of internationally renowned scientific events. The department regularly trains young researchers.

Key research areas of the department:

  • Algebra,
  • Combinatorics with graph theory (Discrete mathematics),
  • Cryptography,
  • Probability calculus.

Key achievements of the department in the last five years:

Key objectives of the department for the next five years:

  • (Co-)organisation of high-profile international conferences and summer schools,
  • Obtaining at least one ERC project,
  • Simultaneous training of at least 20 young researchers,
  • Simultaneous training of at least 5 postdoctoral researchers,
  • Successful launch of a new scientific journal, Discrete Mathematical Chemistry.

Key publications and events of the department:

Science promotion activities: researchers are involved in the preparation and organisation of FAMNIT's Excursions into the Mathematical Universe lectures, the Mathematics is Cool camp and the Mathematical Advent Calendar.

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