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UP IAM is managed by its Director, Prof. Dr. Vito Vitrih. The Director manages and organises all operations and represents UP IAM in external relations, and performs tasks based on the law, the Decree on the Establishment of UP, the Statutes of UP and the authority of the Rector of the University. The Director shall be the management authority of UP IAM when it operates within the scope of the activities referred to in Article 24(2) of the Statutes of UP. The Director shall be appointed by the Researchers' Assembly of UP IAM upon election by the Staff Assembly of UP IAM for a period of four years. The Director appointed three assistants upon taking office (December 14th, 2021):

  • Prof. Dr. Klavdija Kutnar for the Science and Research Sector
  • Prof. Dr. Andreja Kutnar for the International Cooperation Sector
  • Assoc. Prof. Marko Orel for the Finance Sector

The Secretary of the institute is Ms. Lara Gorela.

Administrative and technical tasks are performed by the Research and Development Office and the Administration Office, as well as by the supporting services (Human Resources Office, ICT Office, International Cooperation Office and Promotion Office), which are shared between the Institute and UP Famnit on the basis of the Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation in Areas of Common Interest between UP Famnit and UP IAM (renewed for an indefinite period of time on February 13th, 2013). In 2020, as part of the reorganisation of UP, a joint Financial and Accounting Office for all university members was established.

The research work at UP IAM is implemented within the framework of four departments, which are led by the Department Heads and respective Deputies: Prof. Dr. Andreja Kutnar (Department of Technology – OT UP IAM), Prof. Dr. Klavdija Kutnar (Department of Mathematics – OM UP IAM), Prof. Dr. Tomaž Pisanski (Department of Information Sciences and Technologies – DIST UP IAM), and Prof. Dr. Dragan Marušič (Department Head for Health Studies – OPZ UP IAM). In addition to the departments, UP IAM has also three centres, which are led by Department Heads and their respective Deputies: Prof. Dr. Diego De Leo (Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research – SCRS), and Assoc. Prof. Jernej Vičič (Centre for Application Design and Development – CORA UP IAM).

The governing bodies of UP IAM are the Scientific Council and the Researchers' Assembly. The Scientific Council is the highest professional body of UP IAM, which formulates, coordinates, gives opinions and offers initiatives regarding the organisation of the conditions for the development of research activities and carries out the procedures for the election of researchers. The current members and alternate members were constituted on March 28th, 2022 with a four-year mandate.

The members of the Scientific Council are:

  • President by function dr. Vito Vitrih, deputy president dr. Tomaž Pisanski,
  • member dr. Andrej Brodnik, alternate member dr. Rok Požar (Department of Information Science and Technology),
  • member dr. Tomaž Pisanski, alternate member dr. Janez Žibert (Department of Information Science and Technology),
  • member dr. Andreja Kutnar, alternate member dr. Matthew Schwarzkopf (Department of Technology),
  • member dr. Jure Pražnikar, alternate member dr. Črtomir Tavzes (Department of Technology),
  • member dr. Klavdija Kutnar, alternate member dr. Ademir Hujdurović (Department of Mathematics),
  • member dr. Štefko Miklavič, alternate member dr. Marko Orel (Department of Mathematics),
  • member dr. Dragan Marušič (Department of Health Studies),
  • member dr. Vita Poštuvan, alternate member dr. Tina Podlogar (Department of Health Studies),
  • member dr. Jernej Vičič, alternate member dr. Matjaž Kljun (Centre for Design and Application Development).

The Scientific Council shall have the following operating bodies:

  • Commission for Titles Appointment UP Famnit/UP IAM (president dr. Andrej Brodnik),
  • Commission for Scientific Research and Development (president dr. Marko Orel by function, joint with UP Famnit),
  • Commission for the Stimulation and Supervision of the Quality of Research (president dr. Elena Bužan, joint with UP Famnit),
  • Commission for Knowledge Transfer to Industry (convened by the Scientific Council as appropriate),
  • Commission for the Acceptance of Internal Innovations (according to the rules, to be determined upon receiving an innovation application).

The Researchers’ Assembly shall be convened by the President of the Assembly as necessary, or once a year. It shall be composed of all UP IAM researchers who have a researcher code and who have an employment contract at UP IAM, regardless of the form, scope and duration of their contract. The current President of the Researchers’ Assembly is Prof. Štefko Miklavič, PhD.

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