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PINT internal structure consists of four departments: the Department of Mathematics, Department of Information Science and Technology, Department of Technology and the Department of Health study.

Department of Information Science and Technologyconducts research in the field of data structures, data mining and large distributed grid architectures, and others. The Department of Mathematics is primarily pursuing research in algebra, combinatorics and graph theory with probability theory. The research work is connected with mathematical modeling and computer simulations, experimental economics and social systems research. On the departments takes place computing science from chemistry to bioinformatics. In addition to these topics, students can learn different areas of electronic data security - cryptography, data protection and computer security.

Protecting the environment and the technology associated with it are the main activities of the Department of Technology. The Department cooperates well with the economy and the different Slovenian institutes. The main emphasis on the practical development-oriented research. Students are invited to include a variety of ways in the research work conducted in the department. They can help in performing measurements with our measuring instruments, in-situ measurement of air pollution with the latest technologies, in the manufacture of software support for analysis and display of measurement results of measuring air pollution, when upgrading a software to support the implementation of the LIDAR measurements system, the mathematical- statistical modeling to solve various logistical problems, combinatorial problems, etc.

Department of Health Study conducts research study on mental health and so-called e-health. The research group is currently dedicating the most part of their time, to an innovative project called "E-depression", where the conventional treatment of depressive disorders support is combined with the continuous support and advice to the doctor and to the patient via a web portal – another example of interdisciplinary work at PINT. Students may also participate in other topics: interplay between mental and physical health, suicidal thoughts and behavior, attitudes regarding mental health, stigma related to mental health, etc.