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Deputy Director of the Institute: 
Assist. Prof. Vito Vitrih, PhD

Chair of the Department of Mathematics: 
Assist. Prof. Klavdia Kutnar, PhD

Chair of the Department of Health study: 
Prof. Dragan Marušič, PhD

Chair of the Department of Information Science and Technology: 
Assist. Prof. Janez Žibert, PhD


Head of the Slovene Center for Suicide Research:
Prof. Diego De Leo, DSc

Head of the Department of Technology: 
Prof. Tomaž Pisanski, PhD

Head of the Centre for Connection of Science and Development: 
Assist. Prof. Andraž Teršek, PhD

Chairman of the Steering Comitee
Pavel Fičur

Independent Expert Consultant of the Administration: 
Martina M. Kos