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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at UP IAM conducts researches of intra-and inter-disciplinary nature. The researchers are bringing together various parts of the following areas of mathematics: algebra, combinatorics with graph theory (discrete mathematics), cryptography and probability theory. At the same time they reach with mathematical modeling and computer simulations into the field of game theory. The research is also connected to other mathematical disciplines, as well as applications in other branches of science.

Research in the Department of Mathematics is integrated into numerous international projects. The department maintains regular contacts with foreign researchers through research visits, with active participation in international conferences and with organizing them. The Department hosts each year several top experts from abroad, some of them for a longer period of time.

The Mathematics Department is working closely with the same name within the UP FAMNIT section. The knowledge gained in the research work, is transferred into the study process under study programs in mathematics and computer science at all three levels at UP FAMNIT.

Department Chair: Prof. Klavdija Kutnar, PhD.

Young Researchers:

  • Žiga Velkavrh
  • Nevena Mitrović
  • Sadmir Kudin
  • Blas Fernandez
  • Amar Bapić
  • Sara Pia Marinček
  • Gregory Robson

Organized International Meetings:

Participation in Editorial Boards of International Mathematical Journals: