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Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, University of Primorska (UP FAMNIT)

With the establishment of the Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology (FAMNIT UP) in 2006, the University of Science acquired its naturalistic balance.
The Academic courses strive to establish a space, where with the application of universal scientific language (mathematics) and optimum communication (computer) we can shape an integrated science and economy, while providing quality skilled personnel for various industries (mainly in transportation, banking, insurance, gaming, computer companies, modern economy).
The Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology offers undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields: mathematics, computer science and informatics, science and psychology.
At the undergraduate level (first Bologna cycle), the Faculty offers a three-year university courses (180 credits), which enables graduates to employ or further study at masters level (second Bologna cycle). Postgraduate studies at the faculty include two-year masters programs (120 credits) and three-year doctoral programs (180 credit points).
In the academic year 2009/2010, the Faculty offers six undergraduate programs, three masters and two doctoral programs. In the academic year 2010/2011 are tendered two new graduate study programs - Applied Kinesiology and Biopsychology, and two new master's program of study in financial engineering Mathematics and Applied Kinesiology.
Undergraduate and Master’s courses are carried out as full-time study, doctoral programs are extraordinary studies.
The studies are based on modern teaching methods and are carried out in different forms, such as lectures, seminars, exercises (field, laboratory work) and independent study, with most of the methods supported by information technology. The teaching and learning process is based on the proactive methods that encourage students to critically evaluate the acquired knowledge and skills.
The faculty is particularly focused on integrating education and research, and engaging students in research activities at the faculty and at the History Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology.
In December 2009, the University received its first publication in the journal Science (the publications in the journal Science are taken into account for assigning a scale of the best universities in the world), an article entitled "Indirect Punishment and Generosity Toward Strangers« that as the leading author wrote Aljaž Ule, PhD, a lecturer in mathematics curricula and mathematics in economics and finance at UP FAMNIT.

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