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TeMeNa Library

Higher Education Library for Engineering, Medicine and Science (TeMeNa) became operational in October 2008 under the Faculty of Mathematics, Science and Information Technology (UP FAMNIT) and Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM) of the University of Primorska
TeMeNa supports learning and research process, by conducting its business primarily for students, university teachers and other scholars. That said, anyone can enroll and access to basic services to the extent and manner as set forth in the business library. Services relating to the borrowing of materials, providing information on library services and materials, and training users to use TeMeNa. Construction, operation and checking the bibliographies of researchers in the system COBISS is possible for registered researchers of UP IAM and UP FAMNIT at the University of Primorska.

TeMeNa is also an information center for scientific and technical information, providing information on the professional field of engineering, mathematics and science. It draws from its own and purchased databases, and various online information services, personally, by phone or by e-mail. 
Students of the University (UP) become members of TeMeNa at the inscription to the UP. They are recorded with a student card, which is also a single library card for all libraries of the University. When you log in TeMeNa they complete an application form. 
All users are asked to first visit the library with an identity document for an accurate and complete data entry.
contact: Petruša Miholič, M.S., Head of the Library
phone: +386 5 6117 572 
fax: +386 5 6117 571 
Univerza na Primorskem
Knjižnica za tehniko, medicino in naravoslovje
Glagoljaška 8, 6000 Koper
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