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As of 1 January 2021, the UP IAM Research Group numbered 82 researchers. Of these, 37 were researchers with the title of Associate Researcher or higher (or Assistant Professor or higher), 27 of whom were researchers at UP IAM as their primary institution and 10 were non-primary UP IAM researchers. In the past year, 21 researchers at UP IAM as their primary institution and 9 non-primary UP IAM researchers with these titles published in WOS, SCOPUS and other scientific journals.

Name of the research group
Research group research field according to ARRS classification 
Head of research group
Number of registered researchers in the group
Research group UP IAM,
code: 1669-001
Mathematical sciences, technical sciences, biotechnical
sciences, medical sciences
  Prof. Vito Vitrih, PhD.     80
University of Primorska

Andrej Marušič Institute

Muzejski trg 2
6000 Koper

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