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Department Head: Prof. Dr. Dragan Marušič

The Department of Health Studies (OPZ) has excellent experience in the fields of mental health research (suicidology, psychology), kinesiology and e-health. It is involved in a number of local and national health protection, mental health promotion and kinesiology research projects.

Within the department there is also the Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research (SCRS), which acts externally as an independent unit. The Centre is especially important in the visibility of work in the field of suicide research, which at the global level is usually academically embedded in special centres.

Key research areas of the department:

  • Mental disorders and Mental health,
  • Suicidology,
  • Improving the work environment,
  • Ergonomics and worker health protection,
  • The effects of different regenerative and therapeutic approaches,
  • Health protection in the workplace.

Key achievements of the department in the last five years:

  • Organisation of an annual conference on ergonomics and health for different groups,
  • Organisation of the annual Triple i Conference - Intuition, Imagination and Innovation in Suicidology,
  • Obtaining the organisation of the World Congress on International Association for Suicide Prevention in 2023,
  • Successful training of young researchers,
  • Prometheus of Science Award 2020, Zois Award 2021.

In addition to the above achievements, the Department has also produced important publications, which are presented in the section publications and books.

Key objectives of the Department for the next five years:

  • Organisation of traditional international conferences,
  • Organisation of the World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention in 2023,
  • Successful training of young researchers.

Science promotion activities abound, with staff working with various media to promote the importance of a healthy working environment and the importance of maintaining mental health. The zivziv.si website has also been awarded the Prometheus of Science 2020 prize.

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