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Head of Centre: Prof. Dr. Diego de Leo

Deputy Head: Assoc. Prof. Vita Poštuvan

The Slovene Centre for Suicide Research (SCSR) was established in 2011. This special unit within UP IAM address a specific research area related to the study and prevention of suicidal behaviour. The vision of the Centre is to provide high quality research to better understand and explain suicidal behaviour, which will contribute to both suicide prevention and support for loved ones bereaved by suicide.
To raise awareness of suicide among the general public, the Centre has launched an online platform, Živ? Živ!, where you can find out more about our work and projects.

Key areas of the Centre's research:

  • Studying suicidal behaviour,
  • Prevention of suicidal behaviour,
  • Psychological interventions,
  • Mental health,
  • Loneliness,
  • Loved ones after suicide,
  • Grieving,
  • Social perceptions, attitudes,
  • Human rights,
  • Ethics,
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research,
  • Behavioural-cognitive therapy,
  • Crisis interventions.

Key achievements of the Centre over the last five years:

  • Publications in prestigious journals (such as The Lancet),
  • Mental health interventions,
  • Obtaining the organisation of the World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) in Slovenia in 2023,
  • Prometheus of Science Award 2020, Zois Award 2021.

Key objectives of the Centre for the next five years:

  • Reducing the suicide rate in Slovenia;
  • Using a wide range of high-quality research methods to better understand and explain suicidal behaviour;
  • Providing effective interventions and treatment options to prevent suicide and the support to loved ones after suicide;
  • Working to tackle the stigma associated with suicidal behaviour;
  • Providing education and training for university students and other interested members of the public;
  • Participation in national and international associations.

The Centre's key annual event is the organisation of the international conference TRIPLE i - Intuition, Imagination, and Innovation in Suicidology.
All key publications are also available at the Živ? Živ! website.

Science promotion activities: Živ? Živ! platform, iŽiv web app, media publications, and interventions to promote mental health.

Researchers at the Slovene Centre for Suicide Research
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