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Head of Centre: Dr. Boris Horvat

The Centre for Cooperation with Industry (CSI) was established in 2012 on the initiative of UP IAM staff with the aim of increasing research and development cooperation with industry and improving knowledge transfer, which can only flourish when it goes beyond the relationship of client and contractor. A successful relationship is thus based on the partnership between UP IAM and companies on joint projects.

In our ongoing contacts with the industry, it has become clear that they do not believe in the success of research in solving practical cases in advance, but would be willing to work together on joint development projects and to set up such cooperation for the long term. UP IAM staff often work in different departments on such cases due to the interdisciplinary nature of their work, so they saw the need for a homogeneous presentation that would also be clear to partners. On this basis, the CSI was created, which is not an independent or separate unit, but is open to all UP IAM employees who would like to have this kind of networking with business. The CSI thus functions as a departmental liaison unit within the UP IAM, and externally as a cohesive group of interdisciplinary experts who can involve other University of Primorska employees in the development of a joint project with the economic sector.

The key aims and objectives guiding the Centre's activities are:

  • Strengthening the development and technological components of UP IAM's activities,
  • Fostering research and development cooperation with industry,
  • Promoting knowledge transfer,
  • Regulating intellectual property issues.

Members of the Centre for Cooperation with Industry
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