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Department Head: Prof. Dr. Tomaž Pisanski

The Department of Information Science and Technology (DIST) is active in research and teaching in various areas of both theoretical and applied computer science. The department mainly conducts research in the areas of data structures, data mining and large distributed grid architectures, among others. DIST is strongly interdisciplinary and intertwined with the Department of Mathematics, as the research work of both departments is embedded in the areas of mathematical modelling and computer simulation, experimental economics and social systems research. Researchers in both departments are involved in scientific computing in various fields of the natural sciences, from chemistry to bioinformatics. Students involved in research projects may also encounter the fields of electronic data protection - cryptography, data security and computer security.

Key research areas of the department:

  • Formal languages, automata, computability,
  • Data structures and algorithms,
  • Optimisation methods, approximate methods, NP-hard problems,
  • Intelligent systems, data mining and machine learning,
  • Pattern recognition, analysis and understanding, and statistical modelling,
  • Computer security and biometric technologies.

Key achievements of the department in the last five years:

Key objectives of the department for the next five years:

  • Successful publication and increased number of publications and active participation in conferences,
  • Successful upgrade of the Unis system,
  • Successful project applications.

Key publications and events of the department:

  • The Middle-European Conference on Applied Theoretical Computer Science (MATCOS) in Koper,
  • Applied projects are carried out by the members of the department as members of the Centre for Application Design and Development (UP IAM CORA), where they develop various applications for the needs of the university, and design websites and other useful content for the university itself and beyond, as listed below:
                           - Škocjan Caves app - gamification of a learning trail to be made available to park visitors. ,
                           - Digital personalisation and painting of 3D sculptures to be used by visitors to the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK.
                           - SketchAR app based on own idea and published articles in 2013 and 2015 (2D drawing via phone) has had over 100,000 installs.

Science promotion activities: researchers are mainly involved in workshops for primary and secondary schools organised within UP FAMNIT.

Researchers from the Department of Information Science and Technology
Projects of the Department of Information Science and Technology


University of Primorska

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tel.: +386 (0)5 611 75 91
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